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Welcome to F.R.O.G Ministries

This ministry has been given to our family by God to share with others His power, grace, love and mercy.  He wants to give that to anyone who'll put their faith and trust in Him. F.R.O.G exists to be an encouragement to others who are dealing with very troubled times in their lives with a child or loved one that is going through a difficult illness.

Some of our volunteers that help us get the message of F.R.O.G out to the community

Our Goal
    Our Mission

We are here to help families going through difficult times in dealing with their children and/or loved ones who are seriously ill.  Our founders, The Lovins Family, know all to well the emotional, spiritual, and physical toll that  situation can do you and your family.

Through our outreach programs and fundraising benefits we are trying to be a part of your families lives that brings God's hope, love, and light to you even if it's for a moment.  Our ultimate goal is be the example of Christ that every Christian should be.

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